An immersive experience for one person at a time.

November 25th – December 6th

Potts Point, Sydney

You Can
 Have It

"Generosity personified."
- Runway Conversations
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You Can Have It All

 about this
The heat,
the stillness,
the storms at
night ...

From the director of Caldera comes an astonishing new live show – a three-room interactive, televisual experience where you will step into a world of lurid drama, love triangles, blackmail, S&M, murder and romance.

Tired of bingeing TV shows at home? Book now and be transformed.

The moments between us. I loved every minute. 

Convince him to stay! Convince him to stay! 

SAY IT. Say that I killed him! 

The Moon was a single eye, staring at us. 

There's a gun behind the door. Pick it up. 

Misunderstanding? It was murder! 


“I was transported by it. My mind was completely blown."
"It's so engaging that we've been talking about it and dissecting it for twenty minutes afterwards – we're so involved still."
"You Can Have It All offered a novel way to think, feel and experience ... art and life was blurred, the distinction becoming irrelevant. It was immediately exhilarating."
"The extraordinary experience that You Can Have It All provided is generosity personified." - Runway Conversations
"Surreal, dizzying, perfect. A whirlwind experience." - Jared Richards ( & Junkee)

The director

Laurence Rosier Staines is a director and producer of immersive experiences, theatre, film and festivals.

In 2018 he launched the Caldera festival at Eveleigh Works, featuring burlesque, experimental music, interactive art and fire ("Sydney's answer to Dark Mofo" – SMH, "Intoxicating, invigorating and inspiring ... an event like no other." – Sydney Arts Guide).

In 2019 he was an Ian Potter Cultural Trust recipient and collaborated on shows in London and Paris.


YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL sessions are for one person at a time. It takes a minimum of twenty (20) minutes, but most choose to stay a little longer. You must book in advance. Please find an available time slot on this page.

It takes place in Potts Point, 10 minutes walk from Kings Cross station. You must arrive fifteen (15) minutes before your appointment. You will be sent further details in an email.

This experience is being produced in accordance with the laws of New South Wales and with best practice for public health. By booking you agree to our Terms & Conditions, including that you are not currently suffering from flu-like symptoms. If you are unwell on the day of your booking, please do not attend.

For bookings for 5 people or more, please contact the event producer.

  • Show contains mild adult themes & occasional low light levels
  • Venue is NOT accessible by wheelchair

Extended season

Season extended by popular demand